TrackTime Pro Race Simulator Package

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The Race package comes as standard with the bucket seat & Ascher Racing F28-SC Formula Steering Wheel



TrackTime simulators put functionality in pole position. Whether our entry-level game seat or top-of-the-range 3Motion simulator, everything we make is geared towards providing the ultimate racing experience.

Heusinkveld pedal sets sit at the pinnacle of sim racing kit. The hydraulically-dampened brake and throttle pedals are CNC precision-cut stainless steel, glass-beaded before assembly, and adjustable for both load and position. The dual-stage brake system uses a coil spring and a 200kgrated, wear-free load cell to ensure consistent, linear performance. The brake pedal can be adjusted to take an impressive 136kgs of load, 36 times more effort than mainstream pedals and as close as you can get to F1 levels of braking force.

Direct-drive steering wheels deliver the ultimate in control, transmitting every fractional movement of your hands without using belts or gears. High torque can be generated even at low speeds, which allows for a far more precise simulation of centrifugal forces. Zero latency feedback means your car is firmly under your control.

RaceRoom Racing Experience puts you straight into the driving seat of over 180 cars from across the rich history of motorsport. From classic touring cars through powerful GTs and on to prototypes and single seaters, RaceRoom allows you to drive the cars of your dreams on some of the most famous tracks from around the world. Even better, RaceRoom comes pre-installed on every TrackTime simulator package that includes a PC.

Each simulator is built in house in the United Kingdom, tested and designed with genuine racing drivers to deliver everything you would expect from a high end simulator.

The compact design means you do not need to worry about cable management or set up, as this is all done in house. The simulator is delivered and you plug it in - it's that simple! 


FRAME - Track Time Pro Technology Sports Simulator.

WHEEL - Track Time Direct Drive / Ascher Racing F28 Wheel

PEDALS - Heusinkveld Throttle and Brake Pedal Set.

SCREEN - LENOVO Legion 44inch 

PC - Slimline Powerful Gaming PC ITX 1070

SEAT - Track Time Race Bucket Seat


Once you have placed your order you will be given a delivery date, this is usually around 1-2 weeks. 

The sim is usually delivery via a pallet shipment.