RaceRoom has been pioneering racing simulation software for many years! 

From hardware to software, RaceRoom build and develop everything in house to an extremely high level! We can create any car - any race series - any track!


You can play the game here - 


Sector3 Studios AB is a Swedish game developer committed to the creation of realistic championship experiences for motorsport series worldwide, including; DTM, ADAC GT Masters, and the WTCC.

Established in 2014 by accomplished developers from SimBin Studios, Sector3 quickly assumed responsibility for the development of RaceRoom and began releasing updates to meet and exceed community expectations for the virtual racing platform.


SimBin Studios UK is a newly formed English game developer committed to the creation of realistic racing experiences on current and next generation hardware, focusing on bringing the latest technology and mechanics to modern racing simulation.

Established in 2016 by veteran developers from the UK, SimBin UK has taken responsibility for developing GTR3, reviving the acclaimed GTR series for a modern audience, committed to delivering a realistic simulation with an engaging player experience.