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Redefine your virtual racing experience with the TrackTime 3Motion simulator. Compatible with all major race sims, this ready-to-race package comes complete with a gaming PC, display, Heusinkveld pedal set and Ascher Racing direct-drive wheel. You’ll feel the full dynamic forces of braking, cornering and acceleration, every bump in the road and kerb you hit: it’s the ultimate immersive experience.

Our 3Motion simulator is the only way to experience sim racing as it should be. At its heart is a multiaxis platform that uses a trio of hydraulic actuators with precise control to deliver all the dynamic feedback you get when driving a real racing car. The virtual world never felt so real!


Our SilentForce actuators simulate vehicle pitch under braking and acceleration, plus lateral roll and yaw as you control a car at speed. You’ll feel every bump in the road and every strike of a kerb; the instant feedback with zero latency will help you refine your driving style and deliver a new level of reality.


Heusinkveld Ultimate pedal sets sit at the pinnacle of sim racing kit. The hydraulically-dampened brake and throttle pedals are CNC precision-cut stainless steel, glass-beaded before assembly, and adjustable for both load and position. The dual-stage brake system uses a coil spring and a 200kgrated, wear-free load cell to ensure consistent, linear performance. The brake pedal can be adjusted to take an impressive 136kgs of load, 36 times more effort than mainstream pedals and as close as you can get to F1 levels of braking force.


Direct-drive steering wheels deliver the ultimate in control, transmitting every fractional movement of your hands without using belts or gears. High torque can be generated even at low speeds, which allows for a far more precise simulation of centrifugal forces. Zero latency feedback means your car is firmly under your control.


Our 3Motion Advanced features everything you need for an immersive racing experience. The best in class Heusinkveld pedals and a direct-drive Ascher Racing wheel look like they’ve come straight from a Le Mans racer; a choice of wrap-around triple displays or a single large, curved screen keep you deep in the action; at the simulator’s heart is a powerful gaming PC ready to deliver maximum performance; a genuine FIA-approved Sparco racing seat and a full surround sound system complete the immersion. The only thing the 3Motion can’t simulate is the smell of the tyres!


"The sound is the same, the feeling is the same. The only difference is you are not afraid to crash!”
Romain Dumas, pro race driver and Nürburgring-Nordschleife record holder (6:05.336 min, VW ID.R).

Sound good? 

Delivery time is around 1-2 weeks from time of order.

The motion is delivered via a pallet shipment direct to your door.

If you would like more information please do not hesitate to call and discuss the options.

Already have the PC, wheel, pedals and screen? No problem, we can supply just the motion frame without any hardware for a great cost effective motion simulator. 

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