TrackTime 3Motion Simulator Base Unit

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Level up your virtual racing experience by putting a TrackTime 3Motion Simulator at the heart of your rig.

This base unit allows you to add your own equipment: if you’ve already got gear tailored to your liking then you can bolt it all onto a 3Motion rig – or alternatively you can use the 3Motion as a basis to build your dream set-up.

Choose from the wheel and pedal mounting brackets that work for you and you’ll be ready to go.
You can attach any display that uses a standard VESA mount to the 3Motion’s bracket and slot your PC into the main chassis.

Cabling can all be run neatly through the frame.
This cutting edge motion platform delivers the ultimate driving experience, adding to the visual thrill of AAA racing titles by recreating the physical forces of being in a racecar.

Its three Silentforce 130 actuators precisely simulate vehicle pitch under braking and acceleration, plus lateral roll and yaw as you steer at speed. You’ll feel every bump in the road and every kerb. Their instant feedback will help you refine your driving style and unlock a new level of performance.
The heavy duty base unit ensures stability and hides all the cabling, ancillary units and a PC. The brackets provide a huge range of adjustment, allowing people of any age or build to enjoy the experience.

With 3Motion, you’ll feel the full dynamic forces of braking, cornering and acceleration, every bump in the road and kerb you hit: it’s the ultimate immersive experience. Playtime is over: it’s time to go racing.


This base frame includes - 

- Seat

- Fanatec wheel base bracket (Can supply Simucube if needed)

- Heusinkveld Pedal base (Can supply Fanatec pedal base if needed)

- Single screen mount (can supply triple screen mount if needed)



Supplied on a pallet - usual lead time is around 3-4 weeks delivery - if you have any questions or would like a personalised quote please contact us.