Ascher Racing F64 V3 Formula Wheel

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Ascher Racing’s F64 has been designed
by racers, for racers, and defines a new level
of quality for direct drive sim racing wheels.
Highly ergonomic and offering a huge range of
customisation, this wheel has unrivalled build
quality that delivers the ultimate level of control.
Its closed-rim design and tactile rubberised
grips allow you to drive with total confidence
and finesse while the CNC-machined, anodised
aluminium chassis and components mean
there’s zero twist or flex of any kind.

The F64’s interface can’t be beaten
in terms of functional adjustments. Its 64
programmable inputs, spread across buttons,
dials and switches, allow you to configure every
aspect of your favourite race sim. The wheel’s
face is brushed aluminium for a perfect finish,
and each component is manufactured to the
highest quality thresholds. Buttons provide
positive feedback with clearly delineated click
points. Alongside guarded buttons to reduce
accidental activation of features such as a pit
limiter, there are four standard dual-function
rotary encoders and two rotary multifunction
switches. A pair of seven-way joysticks are
optimally positioned for thumb control.
The bead-blasted shifter paddles feature a
strong snap action, and replacement magnets
and spacers are supplied in the box that allow
the actuation force to be altered from 260g
up to 800g as desired. The spring-loaded,
dual clutch paddles allow for customised,
two-step bite-point calibration and can also
be programmed as throttle and brake hand

The F64 features a standard 6-bolt, 70mm
thread pattern on the rear that is compatible
with Simucube/MiGE direct drive base units
and major quick release systems. An optional
adaptor is also available to connect it to a
Simucube 2 SQR plate.

A coiled USB cable interfaces the wheel to your PC, guaranteeing
an interruptible connection. The automotive grade
M16 connector on the wheel is keyed
and secured with a metal collar to ensure a solid
and safe connection.

The SC version is an officially licensed Simucube Wireless Wheel™, set-up is a breeze and the connection delivers consistent millisecond-range response times that guarantees zero latency control when you’re in the thick of the action.

Included are two sets of high quality decals
for labelling your inputs: 25 button options in
both black and white finishes along with 12
rotary encoder stickers in six different colours –
including blanks for creating your own custom


• High-quality finish CNC machined from
automotive aluminium
• Black anodized and laser engraved
• Brushed front plate surface
• Bead-blasted paddle surface finish
• Rubberised, enclosed grips
• 64 programmable inputs
• 12 push buttons with positive tactile
feeling (2 with protective button guards)
• Dual seven-way multifunction joysticks
• Four encoders with push-button
• Dual 12-position rotary switches
• Customisable magnetic shifter paddles
• Spring-loaded, configurable clutch
General Information
• Wheel diameter 285mm
• Weight 1,100g
• 6 x 70mm bolt pattern on rear

• (WITH USB VERSION ONLY) Robust, shielded coiled USB cable
with industrial Binder M16 connector
(connector length approximately 65mm) 
• 50 button labels (25 each black and
• 72 encoder labels (12 in six colours)
• M5x12 mm stainless screws for
mounting a standard quick release

• A spacer to the direct drive wheel base
may be required to create sufficient
clearance for the M16 connector
• To mount a quick release that uses
threaded M5-pattern holes, use captive
screw (available separately from Ascher